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Cash Calendars

Cash Calendar Winners


Date Winner Sponsor
May 1 Holly Coker $50 Five Cities Pediatric and Orthodontics
May 2 Pat Egan $100 King Concrete
May 3 Mike Leon $50 Tackle Warehouse
May 4 Diana Harris $75 Hello Village
May 5 April Papich $100 D.A. Craghead Construction
May 6 Brian Beres $100 Threadhead Embroidery
May 7 Patrick Sidun $100 Toyworx Automotive
May 8 Jim Willet $50 CalSoft Water
May 9 Terra Kissinger $75 AG Police Officers' Association
May 10 Vicki Huisken $50 Wilson Oral Surgery
May 11 Tobi Canby $100 Coastal Smiles Orthodontics
May 12 Tyler Ke $100 Pardon My French Bakery
May 13 Nansi Ochoa $250 Turner Land & Homes
May 14 Francisco Lopez $100 Five Cities Firefighters
May 15 Tatum Asphalt $50 Waste Connection SLO
May 16 Kristian Bringuard $100 Jacobson Construction
May 17 Apalonia Bautista $50 RavenVolt
May 18 Nick Ballantine $75 Honda-Santa Maria
May 19 Melinda Johnson $100 AG Police Officers' Association
May 20 Amanda Hamblin $100 KG Berry Farms
May 21 Erin Marmalejo $100 Turner Land & Homes
May 22 Sandra Rodin - $50 Knucks Out
May 23 Ryan Maxwell - $75 Toyworx Automotive
May 24 Charlie Looney - $50 Miller Power Systems
May 25 Jeff Fernandes - $75 Threadhead Embroidery
May 26 Joni McBride - $100 Geo Solutions
May 27 Hermenio Rodriguez - $100 Toyota Santa Maria
May 28 Mike McGinley - $100 RavenVolt
May 29 Brian King - $50 Five Cities Firefighters
May 30 Wendy Sanders -$100 KIA Santa Maria
May 31 Erin Marmalejo-$500 Central West Produce

April 2023

Date Winner Sponsor
April 1 Sue Covielle-$100 King Concrete & Construction
April 2 Leonard Di-$100 AG Police Officers' Association
April 3 Tim Cano-$50 Threadhead
April 4 Holly Coker-$100 Ravenvolt
April 5 Amanda Nelson-$50 Hawke's Construction
April 6 Susan Bennett-$75 Miner's ACE Hardware
April 7 Abel Ahumada-$100 Honda Santa Maria
April 8 Diana Farnsworth-$100 Central West Produce RJ
April 9 Marisa Johansen-$100 Jacobson Construction
April 10 Michael Diblase-$50 Envoy Mortgage
April 11 Ryan Maxwell-$75 Turner & Land Homes
April 12 Jenny Miekbakos-$50 Five Cities Firefighters
April 13 RJ Jacobson-$100 D.A. Craghead Construction
April 14 Hermino Rodriguez-$100 Coastal Smiles
April 15 Ken Wellenkamp-$250 Toyworx Automotive
April 16 Brandie Rose-$100 Toyota Santa Maria
April 17 Nicole Guggia - $50 KG Berry Farms
April 18 Nicole Ripley - $100 Threadhead Embroidery
April 19 Jeff Fernandes - $50 AG Police Officers' Association
April 20 Brian King - $75 Wilson Oral Surgery
April 21 Bianca Leal - $100 Hello Village
April 22 Sally Hemesath - $100 Toyota San Luis Obispo
April 23 Jackie Winters - $100 Five Cities Firefighters
April 24 John Farnsworth - $50 Berchtold Equipment Co.
April 25 Bill & Ginger Dutra - $75 GEO Solutions
April 26 Maria Mendoza Ortiz - $50 Turner Land & Homes
April 27 Kelly Hidle - $100 KIA of Santa Maria
April 28 Ashley Akers -$100 Hello Village
April 29 Denise Townsend - $250 Toyworx Automotive
April 30 Kami Bucher - $100 RavenVolt

What is a Cash Calendar?

Great question! Each season, we ask every player to sell at least 3 calendars for $20 each. With the help of our many sponsors, we have  created a calendar (see images below). Each day/square on the calendar has a cash prize value. Each square has been donated by one  of our awesome sponsors

We ask that players will sell the calendars to their biggest fans (hopefully at least 3) for $20 each. The physical calendars will be ready for pick-up at the snack bar by Team Parents or Coaches. There is a ticket stub on each calendar that needs to be filled out by the purchaser, torn off, and be turned in at the snack bar to be entered into the drawings. Cash Calendars can be purchased online anytime and there is a spot during checkout to put the player's name so they get credit. If you purchase online, you don't need to turn in a physical ticket stub.

The players who sell the most calendars in their division by 5/1 get a $100 gift card to Dick's Sporting Goods!

How to Purchase Cash Calendars

Each calendar is $20, and we pick winners weekly. Purchase online (NEW) or at Santos Snack Bar.

Drawings will begin on 4/15, for dates 4/1-4/16.

All entries have a chance of winning $50-$500!

If your ticket is picked, it goes back into the drawing for another chance to win.

For calendars bought online, names will be put on stubs that match the credit card used to purchase. If you need a different name, please add it to the notes at checkout. PLEASE LEAVE A NOTE AT CHECKOUT FOR THE CHILD YOU ARE BUYING IN SUPPORT OF!

Money raised will help with the cost of getting new dirt for the fields (which will really be needed after this rain!), new equipment, up keep on scoreboards, bullpens, dug out screens, etc..

Follow us on Instagram and Facebook  --OR check the list below--to see if you're a winner.  Winnings can be picked up at the Santos Snack bar or email

THANK YOU to all of our sponsors!