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Why choose Little League over other youth baseball programs?

Why Choose Little League?

By AGVLL, 11/29/23, 10:00AM PST


With so many youth sports organizations out there, it's hard to choose which ones to focus on. This article highlights the benefits of Little League at the organizational and local levels.

Arroyo Grande Little League 12s All Stars 2023

The benefits of youth sports are endless.
But what makes Little League special?

Little League benefits include:

  • The overarching goal of Little League is to create a local youth baseball program built on life lessons, socialization, and sportsmanship that benefits all of the children and the adult volunteers who support those efforts.
  • Little League fosters community, volunteerism, camaraderie, and fair play.  A little league Saturday is a fun scene for the whole family.
  • All chartered Little Leagues have a voice by democratic procedure in regard to changes in the rules and regulations.
  • Boundaries of each chartered Little League are protected. 
  • Chartered Little Leagues play under time-tested safety rules and regulations. Mandatory use of the safest equipment possible — much of it developed through Little League (batting helmet, full-size chest protector, catcher’s helmet, non-wood bats, etc.).
  • No other program does as much for its membership, and the international recognition of Little League is unmatched by any other youth sports organization. Imagine your town’s league playing for the championship of the world on the ESPN Family of Networks! It ONLY happens to communities with a chartered Little League program.
  • Little League has initiatives to make life better for everyone. We offer a Manager/Coach Education Program, & a Safety Program (ASAP).
  • Little League also educates parents in the best way to make the Little League experience a good one for the entire family through Little League University.
  • A chartered Little League is a semi-autonomous organization, operated by volunteers from within the community, with the betterment of the community as the goal. As such, it can be operated at a far lower cost to taxpayers.
  • It’s a great way to give back AND get involved with your baseball community. 
  • Little League offers the opportunity for parents to bond with and support their kids through the game of baseball.


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