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By AGVLL, 05/19/23, 9:00AM PDT


A few reminders to share

Going into playoffs, we just want to share some reminders with everybody.

DO NOT yell or swear at coaches, players, umpires or anyone else! Ever! Our players, umpires, and our volunteers are the reason we are here. Please treat them with respect. Remind your friends and family members.

DO model good behavior for our players and be a steward of the game. Cheer for your team in a positive way. Offer to help and become a cleared volunteer! Volunteers should wear your league-issued wristband at all AGVLL events.

DO NOT be the reason your team has to forfeit a game. AGVLL holds a ZERO tolerance policy for bad behavior by players, coaches, and fans. Umpires and AGVLL Board members have full authority to terminate or suspend a game, a player, a spectator, or an entire team if bad behavior can not be controlled.

DO report anything that you witness that doesn't seem right to the AGVLL Board asap. Email us directly or reach out to our board. Feel free to reach out with questions. If you prefer, you can bring issues to us in person at a scheduled board meeting.

DO NOT pester or 'coach' players when they are in the dugout with their team. It is already hard enough to get kids to focus. If you are not a cleared volunteer, stay out of the dugout. Please let coaches coach. Keep the area behind the dugout clear. Let them play!

DO remember that we are here to have FUN and to teach our kids the glorious game of baseball, along with teamwork, confidence and camaradie.

DO NOT bring your DOG, cat, rabbit, lizard or any other wonderful pet to the baseball field. We should not have to clean up dog messes and patrol off-leash dogs during games and practices. This is a city ordinance, and signage is posted around the Soto Sports Complex. 

DO purchase  AGVLL Merchandise to help raise funds for AGVLL!!! We specifically need money for new dirt for the fields, new equipment, scoreboard maintenance, bullpens, and dug-out screens. Thank you!


Kids Safe Zone
No Dogs allowed at AGVLL fields or events