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POOL PLAYER Sign-Ups (Minors/Majors/Intermediate)

By AGVLL, 03/06/24, 9:45AM PST


Get more games by signing up to be an AGVLL Pool Player

What is a Pool Player?
Sometimes during the season a team may find themselves short a player or two due to illness or family vacations.  As a pool player, you will be called upon to help fill these spots, and to play for the team as a full member of the team.  

As a Pool Player, if contacted, the decision to play is yours and there is absolutely no requirement to play, but as a pool player you will get more play time, more at-bats, a great opportunity to meet new friends, and more time to play baseball.  If you decide not to play as a pool player when contacted, we will move you to the bottom of the list so you can be called again if desired.  If you or your player requests to be removed from the Pool List, please feel free to let us know ASAP.  

Any questions please feel free to contact the Player Agent, Brian King, via the email below.

Brian King

Arroyo Grande Valley Little League