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COVID-19 Safety Guidelines

** All State and Local health guidelines will be followed**

All players, coaches and spectators must wear a mask when participating in an AGVLL event. If a mask cannot be worn safely, 6’ minimum distance must be kept. (players/coaches in dugout or on bleachers MUST wear mask)

Healthy Practices:
1. If a player or coach feels ill for any reason, he/she will stay home.
2. Temperatures will be taken at the beginning of every session.
3. If a player exhibits any symptoms he/she will be sent home.
4. All coughs and sneezes will be properly shielded. Hands will be washed and sanitized immediately.
5. All Players will practice good general hygiene, including but not limited to:  washing hands frequently and using hand sanitizer often. Players should sanitize  hands before and after taking the field.
6. Sanitizing stations will be set up around the field for use by all players/coaches.

Personal Contact:
1. All coaches and players will refrain from personal contact with other players or coaches. This will include refraining from handshakes, high fives, fist bumps, chest bumps and any other personal contact.
2. Coaches and players will keep 6ft distance when able to do so, or will wear a mask or face covering if not able to stay 6 feet away.
3. Use of dugouts is limited - No equipment bags in dugout. 1 coach and 2 players maximum in dugout at a time. Players and coaches can line their gear up along the baseline fences. Players must be behind fence during any gameplay. One player will be allowed in the batter’s box, while one player is batting.
4. Coaches will remain a safe distance from all players, umpires and other coaches at all times.
5. Use of bleachers is limited to players only. NO SPECTATORS
6. Spectators should be limited to immediate family (same household) and should be seated in the outfield, minimum 6’ apart and with their own family unit.

Player Equipment:
1. No personal equipment, bat bags or other will be allowed in the dugout. Player equipment will be lined up along the fence with proper spacing.
2. Players will have their own individual equipment to include: bats, gloves, helmets and catchers equipment. NO EQUIPMENT WILL BE SHARED. (If equipment must be shared, all surfaces of said equipment will be cleaned and sanitized with proper technique, including drying time.)
3. Personal equipment should be cleaned and sanitized after each outing by a parent or guardian.
4. Balls will be sanitized before play and often during play. Umpires should limit contact with the ball. All foul balls should be sanitized before being put back into use.

1. Each player and coach should bring his own personal drink and/or snack.
2. NO SHARING of food or drink.
3. Sunflower seeds and gum will not be allowed on the playing field.